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Dunav Seeds - production of unshelled sunflower seeds, pellets, bird foods

     The Bulgarian Limited Liability Company “Danube Seeds 1” OOD is established in 2011. The main activity is the production of unshelled sunflower seeds for both domestic and international markets. The Company is equipped with modern-day technologies imported from Turkey, China and South Korea. The production is used in the food industry (bakery, pastry, cereals, and bird food). In order to increase efficiency, the Company has invested in the construction of a sunflower husk pellets manufacturing facilities.

     The Company “Danube Seeds 1” OOD is in a longstanding working relationship with partners from Bulgaria and abroad and exports to a large number of countries within and outside of the European Union. The Team members have the responsibility and consciousness in the manufacturing of products for the food sector, therefore the raw material for production needs is directly supplied from selected farmers. The Company’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 22000, ISO 9001; HACCP Certification.