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     The Company’s main goal is always to collaborate with customers and partners in a satisfactory manner. The Company’s work is distinguished for its diligence and perseverance, honesty and openness achieved through a lot of efforts. The production process consists of cleaning, sorting, calibrating and peeling of sunflower. The Workshop is equipped with 4 production lines with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour of finished product and a modern system enabling sorting and consistent with the highest standards in the industry.

     The Company’s mission and responsibility is to ensure a high quality, controlling the origin of raw materials and the production process, the frequency and reliability of supplies and guaranteed volumes, as well as to pay special attention to each client as a basis for a long-term partnership and collaboration with customers.

     The Company always strives to satisfy its own objectives, as well as the domestic and international marketing needs and requirements; to be innovative, competitive, sought and reliable; to be the preferred trading partner.

     All production processes are automated and mechanized whereby the Quality control and Quality assurance is ensured from the raw material stage to the finished product stage, in accordance with the internationally accepted standards.

     The new modern factory is equipped with a waste-free and environmentally-friendly technology based on seed-sorting and size-grading into fractions, according to their mass and shape to further being packaged in bags. Unshelled and clean sunflower seeds are directly used for human consumption and food industry, and husks during the peel off are used for husk pellets manufacturing.